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Additional Income For YouTube Creators — Ways To Monetize Video Content

What is content distribution? 

Content distribution is the posting of the content of Youtube channels on various video platforms in order to obtain additional monetization.

Depending on the language and subject of the content, we select the most relevant video platform. There, the content is monetized either according to the same model as on Youtube, through displaying ads, or at a fixed price for each content unit.

Important! We focus on high-quality original content!

Each channel is considered individually. All channels are preliminarily moderated by the platforms. Only after successful moderation, the process of signing an agreement with the creator begins.

What kind of problems may be faced by a content creator when working with platforms independently?

1. It is quite difficult for a blogger to choose a suitable platform for their content on their own because it takes a lot of time and requires preliminary research,
2. on some platforms, a blogger can’t independently register or activate monetization since, for example, the platform only works with large copyright holders (agencies),
3. in most cases, creators don’t have the time and resources to independently upload content to the distribution platform and resolve technical issues with the platform support,
4. among other things, some creators have a language barrier when working with English-language platforms,
5. not always convenient withdrawal of income from the platform = limited payment methods,
6. some platforms require signing a paper contract, and bloggers may be confused by legal issues,
7. on some platforms, there are minimum thresholds (the minimum number of views for a certain period) for opening monetization on the channel, but we can open it immediately since mediacube is a direct partner of the platform.

Advantages of content distribution via mediacube.

One of the main advantages of working with experts is that they constantly monitor video platforms, already collaborate with more than ten different websites, track their trends, know everything about various audiences, and are able to determine exactly where it is best for the blogger to post and which platforms are not worth spending time on.

Another advantage is that managers make your income truly passive. If you do everything yourself, you will have to spend time researching and analyzing data, and then regularly pay attention to your accounts on all platforms, upload videos there, track statistics and solve technical problems. This is a large piece of work that negates all the benefits. Distribution managers resolve all of these issues at once.

Distribution is often supplemented by localization. The blogger's content doesn’t just appear on different websites in its original form but is translated so that native speakers of different languages ​​can understand it. There are specialists who usually help bloggers with localization. In mediacube, for example, localization is carried out along with distribution and some additional services, such as video transcription, translation, subtitling, or the selection of a suitable native-speaking voice actor. And only after that, the videos are uploaded to the selected platforms.

The blogger only has to sign the contract, and mediacube takes care of the rest!

What do we provide to creators?

  • creation and design of a channel on the platform
  • uploading and constantly updating content
  • solving technical issues directly with the platform
  • provision of statistics
  • copyright protection
  • reaching to silver and gold buttons
  • promotion on the platform
  • convenient withdrawal of income through the Ezzy 10+ account in various ways

What kinds of platforms does mediacube work with?

AVOD platforms — content monetization by placing ad units.
SVOD platforms — content monetization based on the subscription model.
Marketplaces — content monetization by licensing it to major publishers and online media.
Smart TV — creation of CTV applications for Smart TV.
Content syndication platforms — syndication of content with websites with relevant topics.


  • Yandex.Zen
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Bilibili
  • Haokan
  • Youku
  • Ixigua
  • Newsflare
  • Kivitu
  • Seeziskids
  • Facebook
  • Roku
  • Huawei
and others.

What kind of content is suitable for distribution?

We consider creators who create high-quality original content, mainly in Russian and English languages. Each type of platform has its own specifics, based on which we select content.

Main content categories. 

  • Entertaining
  • Hobbies: fishing, gardening, knitting, etc
  • Primitive
  • For kids
  • Auto
  • DIY
  • Let’s plays
  • Influencers
  • Documentary/Historical
  • Educational
  • Reviews

Our IT solution for distribution

vidwide — IT solution for our partners — a comprehensive solution for the distribution of video content.

vidwide invites creators to sign a license agreement, link their YouTube channel, and control revenue sharing across each distribution platform.

The service is integrated with the Ezzy account, which allows partners to easily manage income and withdraw income in any convenient way.

What’s next?

After signing the contract, we create and begin to monetize the channel on the video platform. Statistics on views and income are provided by the manager at the end of each month.

In order to withdraw income from monetization, you need to register an Ezzy account (